Quinny Speedi SX Adapter Kit (part)

Original Quinny adapter set to connect a car seat or carrycot to your Quinny Speedi SX.

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Product Description
The original adapterkit for the Quinny Speedi SX.
You need this adapter kit to use the Dreami carrycot or a Maxi Cosi carseat together with this stroller.

  • Fits the Quinny Speedi SX and Maxi Taxi Speedi SX (series 2004 and newer).
  • Matching carrycot: Quinny Dreami, Maxi Cosi Dreami.
  • Matching car seats: Maxi Cosi CabrioFix, Cabrio and Citi, Safety First SafeOne, Baby Relax Mimas.
  • The adapterkit contains a left and a right adapter.
  • Easy mounting. No tools required.
  • Original Quinny accessory.
In certain countries (including all of Europe) this adapterkit comes as standard with the stroller. In this case order this spare part only when you have misplaced the original.
Extra Information
Additional Information
Article number 97780031
EAN13 8712930090298
Brand Quinny

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