Payment methods
Babycare offers the secure payment method that suits your needs:
  • Creditcard
    Babycare accepts VisaMastercard & eMaestro and American Express. Your card details are sent through a secure channel to Buckaroo, our payment service provider.
    Babycare accepts Mastercard, eMaestro, Visa and American Express
    Please note that you will be invoiced in Euro. The currency converter may be used for your convenience only. As your card is charged at time of shipping, the currency exchange rate at that moment applies.
    (related topic: Privacy & Security
    An order paid for via credit card will be processed immediately.
  • PayPal
    PayPal is a very secure and easy to use payment method. It's free to use and you can couple it to your credit card or bank account.
    An order paid for via PayPal will be processed immediately.
  • Bank transfer
    You can transfer the order amount to our account. Your order will be dispatched at the time we receive your payment. Babycare has account number at the Rabobank in Veendam,
    IBAN: NL17 RABO 0365 0510 04, SWIFT-code RABONL2U
    At the description line, don't forget to fill in the order number you receive from us with your order confirmation. We will send you a confirmation when your payment arrives.
  • Direct electronic payment with iDEAL
    When you already have access to internet banking you can use iDEAL.
    With iDEAL you can pay for your order through a secure and familiar payment system provided by your bank.
    iDEAL direct electronic payment
    iDEAL advantages
    iDEAL is as familiar, secure and easy as internet banking.
    iDEAL is supported by the major Dutch banks.
    iDEAL can be used instantly if you already use internetbanking.

    iDEAL is available when you use internet banking from ABN AMRO, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, ASN Bank, RegioBank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers. . 
    An order paid for via iDEAL will be processed immediately.
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
    With the COD option you pay the mail man for your order.
    Cash On Delivery is available within the Netherlands and has a Euro 6,- (via PostNL) or Euro 15,- (via UPS) surcharge added to the order total. 
    PostNL mail personnel and UPS drivers only accept cash. Please have the exact amount ready when your shipment arrives as the mail man does not carry change. 
    When using the COD option we will ask you for a confirmation by phone. We have to do this to avoid prank orders.

Sales tax and the European Union, Tax Free shopping
All prices on the Babycare website include 21% sales tax.
For all shipping addresses within the European Union (EU) sales tax will be applicable.
When your order is shipped to an address outside the EU, 21% sales tax will be deducted automatically.
When you create an account on our website and your billing address is outside the EU, all displayed prices will show excluding sales tax.
Please note that although your billing address may be outside the EU, sales tax will apply for all shipping addresses within the EU.

Global Refund Tax Free Shopping

When you want to export your order yourself, you may be eligible for a tax refund. Babycare has partnered with Global Refund to process your tax-back claim.
After deduction of the administration fee, you will receive a refund up to 13,75% of the purchase price. You can cash your Refund Cheque in Holland or abroad at one of more than 700 Cash Refund Offices.
Carefully read the information included with your Global Refund Cheque or visit
To use a Global Refund Cheque your order must meet these requirements: 
  • Product total must exceed Euro 50.-
    The product total must exceed Euro 50.-, including sales tax. Shipping costs are excluded.
  • You must reside outside of the EU
    The person actually exporting the products must be a resident of a non-EU country. You must be able to prove this with your passport or identity card.
  • Let us know during checkout
    During checkout, just add a note in the 'Comments' field that you want to export your order yourself.
    You will receive a Global Refund Cheque and instructions on the procedure with your order. Carefully read the enclosed instructions or visit
    If you want to export your order yourself, it is important to let us know upon placing your order. It is not possible to issue a Global Refund Cheque after your order is processed.
Please note that local authorities may charge local sales tax and a small import fee when new products enter a non-EU country.