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Infoband Unicorns Blue

You carry an identity card. But what carries your child? An Infoband of course! With a phone number on the Infoband other people can easily help bring back a lost child to his parents.

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Expected arrival date: Apr 4, 2018.

Product Description
An information wristband
Infoband is a soft plastic wristband for children, on which parents can write their cell phone number.
Should your child wander off or get lost, other people can easily help your child reunite with you.
A safety net for both children and parents.

On the Infoband there is also space for writing other essential information such as allergies, medicine use or language barriers. Information that might be useful for other people in order to help your kid.

"It never happens to me", is what most parents think, but should your child wander off one day, it could be comforting to know that it at least has your phone number.

Infoband...just in case
Extra Information
Additional Information
Article number 1006000025
Brand Infoband

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