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Buying Tax-Free

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These are the VAT/sales tax options

Sales tax (VAT) can be quite confusing. Especially when you are travelling or when you are placing an order to be shipped internationally.
Below you'll find a list with the different tax situations.
Babycare is here to help when you have any questions!


For customers living within the EU: 21% VAT

All consumers within the EU must pay sales tax (VAT). Dutch VAT is 21% on luxury products. Most books and some nursery hygiene products on the website have 9% VAT.
All prices on the Babycare.nl website include VAT.
There are no extra charges or hidden costs. What you see is what you get!
Your VAT will be clearly indicated on your invoice that you receive via e-mail, directly after purchase.
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For customers living outside the EU: Tax-Free

If you have your order sent directly to an address outside the EU, the VAT will automatically be deducted.
You will receive the tax-free invoice/receipt immediately by e-mail as soon as you have completed the payment.
If you create an account and the main address entered by you is outside the EU, you will automatically see all prices on the website without VAT.
  • If the delivery address is within the EU, VAT will always be charged.
  • In the website checkout the VAT calculation is fully automatic.
  • Your order will ship without taxes. Please note that upon entering your country, customs may levy local sales tax and an import fee. When this happens the charge will be presented upon delivery of your order. For more information about your local taxes, please contact your tax agency.

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For tourists visiting the EU and living outside the EU: Tax-Free after export

When you live outside the of the EU and you have your order delivered at your temporary EU address during your visit, it is possible to request a VAT refund on your departure from the EU. Conditions apply, please read below.
Babycare.nl works with Global Blue and VATFree to reclaim the VAT that was paid in the EU.
Via Global Blue or VATFree you will receive a VAT refund, after deduction of commission.

You will receive a Global Blue Refund Check with your order. This refund check belongs with your invoice.
When you leave the EU, you have customs stamp your invoice. (For example at Schiphol Airport.) At the Global Blue desk you receive the VAT refund on presentation of the stamped invoice and the purchased products.
When you do not leave via an airport, read the information you receive with the Global Refund Cheque or visit www.GlobalBlue.com.

VATFree works differently: You register your purchase via the VATFree.com website. Then you send the invoice that was stamped by customs to VATFree.com.

Whether you use VATFree or Global Blue is up to you. Babycare.nl has partnered up with both companies. Compared to each other, Global Blue has more service desks at airports and VATFree charges a slightly lower commission rate. We advise you to visit their websites to see which one suits you best.

Conditions for a VAT refund
  • The minimum amount of goods is Euro 50, - including VAT. (Excluding shipping costs.) You may combine purchases from different shops.
  • The products must be exported within 3 months of purchase.
  • You are living outside the European Union, and/or:
  • The person who exports the products must live in a country outside the EU. You must be able to prove this with a passport or other proof of identity.
  • You must inform us during checkout. Please mention in the ‘comments-field' that you intend to export the products.

It is important to inform us when you place your order.
You will then receive a Global Refund Cheque with the invoice. You use this to claim the VAT back. Read the accompanying information carefully or visit www.GlobalBlue.com
If you have export plans, it is important to indicate this immediately with the order. It is not possible to provide the Global Refund Check later.
Please be aware that local authorities can levy the local tax and an import fee if new products enter a non-EU country. (This is the part where you declare your purchases when you return to your home country.)

Frequently asked questions about Globalblue and VATFree
  • How do I indicate that I want to take my order to my place of residence outside the EU?
    During the checkout there is a special comment field.
    • Please mention that you want to export the products.
    • Enter your passport number here too. We'll include the number on your invoice which will speed up customs processing.
  • Can I have my order sent to my hotel or AirBNB?
    Yes, that's possible!
    • Please let us know the hotel name or name of the AirBNB host when you order. This prevents confusion with delivery.
  • I do not have a printer at my visiting address to print the invoice for customs.
    No problem: If we know that you want to use Globalblue or VATFree, we also put a printed invoice in the box.
    • You will always receive the invoice by e-mail.
  • What is the period within which the products must be exported?
    Within 3 months, the purchased items must leave the EU in order to qualify for a VAT refund.
Further reading on the subject
Please visit Schiphol airport's special page with details on how VAT refunds works at the Dutch national airport Schiphol.
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For companies within the EU: Tax-Free

Companies located outside of the Netherlands but within the EU can purchase tax-free. For this we need the complete company address and the VAT number. After checking the information, you can purchase tax-free.
  • When placing the order, please make sure the customer details include the full company name and company address.
  • Place your order using the 'SEPA Bank Transfer' payment option. This way you can send the order to our system. The order will be tax-inclusive at first, so you don't pay yet!
  • In the comments-field (last step in the checkout) let us know that you want your order tax-free and mention your VAT number.
  • Babycare support staff will check the company details and VAT number and will then get back to you via e-mail with a tax-free invoice and a paylink to make the payment for your order.


For diplomats: Tax-Free

Babycare.nl cooperates with all tax-free requests that are made by members of the diplomatic corps. Through the EU consulate or the embassy of the country in question, documents can be requested that can be sent to us by e-mail or by post. At first, VAT is paid when placing the order. After receipt of the supporting documents, the VAT will then be refunded at the end of the VAT quarter.
  • The VAT can only be refunded via the same payment method that was used for the order.