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Babycare.nl Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 21, 2018

How we protect your privacy on Babycare.nl when you use our services

Babycare.nl cares about your privacy. This is why we only process data that we need to perform and improve our services to you. This data is not only essential to run our services, but also critical for the safety of our services and all customers. 
This policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and how we use it.

Information we collect

Most of the personal data we collect is directly provided by our users when they register and use our services. Other data is collected by recording interactions with our services.

Account & Contact Data:   When you place an order on our website, subscribe to a service (Babycare's newsletter, etc.), contact our Customer Support by e-mail, Instant Messaging or telephone, or when you fill in one of our contact forms, you voluntarily give us certain information. This typically includes your name, email address, and sometimes your  phone number, postal address (when an invoice or delivery is required), as well as a personal password. 
We  never record or store credit card information or payment passwords (PIN-codes, etc.) from our customers, and always rely on trusted third-party PCI-DSS-compliant payment processors (please see below: 'Third Party Service Providers') for all payment processing. 
We only ever collect this information on your behalf, and you always retain ownership and full control on this data

Browser Data: When you visit our website, we detect and store your browser language and geolocation, in order to customize your experience according to your country and preferred language. Our servers also passively record a summary of the information sent by your browser, for statistical, security and legal purposes: your IP address, the time and date of your visit, your browser version and platform, and the web page that referred you to our website. 

E-mail tracking: We track the delivery status of outgoing e-mail. We do this to identify technical issues that prevent successful communications between Babycare.nl staff and our customers.

How we use this information
Account & Contact Data: We use your contact information in order to provide our services, to answer your requests, and for billing and account management reasons. We may also use this information for marketing and communication purposes (our marketing messages always come with a way for you to opt-out at any time). We also use this data in aggregated/anonymised form in order to analyze service trends. 
If you have registered to participate in a newsletter or event published on our website, we may transfer your name and email address to a third party, for both direct marketing purposes and in order to facilitate the preparations and booking for the event. 

Browser Data: This automatically recorded data is anonymously analyzed in order to maintain and improve our services. We will only correlate this data with your personal data when required by law or for security purposes, for example when credit card fraud is suspected. 

E-mail tracking: A successful delivery of an e-mail is directly registered at the Babycare servers and is not shared with any third party. You can block this kind of e-mail tracking by prohibiting your e-mail program to show embedded images. This delivery tracking information however is a great help for Babycare staff to assess any e-mail related communication issues.

Accessing, Updating or Deleting Your Personal Information
Account & Contact Data: You have the right to access and update personal data you have previously provided to us. You can do so at any time by connecting to your personal account on Babycare.nl. If you wish to permanently delete your account or personal information for a legitimate purpose, please contact the Babycare.nl Customer Support to request so. We will take all reasonable steps to permanently delete your personal information, except when we are required to keep it for legal reasons (typically, for administration, billing and tax reporting reasons). 

Safety Retention Period: we retain a copy of your data in our backups for safety reasons, even after they are destroyed from our live systems. See 'Data Retention' for more details.


We realize how important and sensitive your personal data is, and we take a great number of measures to ensure that this information is securely processed, stored and preserved from data loss and unauthorized access. Our technical, administrative and organizational security measures are described in detail in our Security Policy.

Third Party Service Providers

In order to support our operations we rely on several Service Providers. They help us with various services such as payment processing, web audience analysis, cloud hosting, marketing and communication, etc. 

Whenever we share data with these Service Providers, we make sure that they use it in compliance with Data Protection legislation, and that the processing they carry out for us is limited to our specific purpose and covered by a specific data processing contract. 

Here is a list of the Service Providers we are currently using, why we use them, and what kind of data we share with them: 
Service Provider Reason Data
(PCI-DSS compliant)
Privacy & Security
Payment processing on Babycare.nl Shared with Paypal: Order details (amount, description, reference), Customer name and email 
Only stored by Paypal: credit card info
Buckaroo Payment Services
(PCI-DSS compliant)
Payment processing on Babycare.nl Shared with Buckaroo: Order details (amount, description, reference), Customer name and email 
Only stored by Buckaroo: credit card info, PayPal e-mail address, IBAN bank account number
Privacy & Security
Backup storage Shared with TransIP: Securely encrypted backup data.
Data retention period: 1 year
Privacy & Security
Infrastructure and hosting, DDOS Protection Hosted by Linqhost: Website and production data for Babycare.nl and its connected services, including the website customer database.
Google Business
Privacy & Security
E-mail hosting, Office Productivity Suite (Apps for Business) Hosted by Google: Customer e-mail, outgoing e-mail and office documents for use by Babycare.nl staff.
Privacy & Security
Development and maintenance of the Babycare ERP system. Accessible by Opener: The customer database containing sales related data.
Privacy & Security
Collection of customer reviews to share and assess Babycare.nl's customer satisfaction performance. Shared with Trustpilot: Name, e-mail address, order number. Non-personal browser data, anonymized IP, geolocation info, language. (no identifiable information)
Google Analytics
Privacy & Security
Anonymous website audience analysis Shared with Google Analytics: Non-personal browser data, anonymized IP, geolocation info, language. (no identifiable information)
RAM Online Marketing
Privacy & Security
Online marketing for Babycare.nl Shared with RAM Online Marketing: Anonymised website usage data. Non-personal browser data, anonymized IP, geolocation info, language. (no identifiable information)
Privacy & Security
Instant messaging used for customer service purposes. Gathered from WhatsApp: mobile phone number, name
Facebook Messenger
Privacy & Security
Instant messaging used for customer service purposes. Gathered from Facebook Messenger: all publicly available information from your account at Facebook.com
Privacy & Security
Newsletters via e-mail. Shared with Mailchimp: name and e-mail address for participants who have opted-in for a newsletter. 

Data Retention

Account & Contact Data: we will only retain such data as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, as laid out in this policy, including any legal retention period, or as long as necessary to carry out a legitimate and reasonable promotion of our products and services. 

Browser Data: we will only retain this data for a short period of time, generally 6 months, unless we need to archive it in relation with a legitimate concern related to the security or performance of our services, or as required by law. 

Safety Retention Period:

As part of our Security Policy, we always try to preserve your data from accidental or malicious deletion. As a result, after we delete any of your personal information (Account & Contact Data) from our database upon request from you, it may not be immediately deleted from our backup systems. It could remain stored for up to 12 months, until it is ultimately destroyed. 
We commit not to use those backup copies of your deleted data for any purpose except for maintaining the integrity of our backups, except if you or the law require us to do so.

Third Party Disclosure

Except as explicitly mentioned above, we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal data to third parties. We may share or disclose aggregated or de-identified information, for research purposes, or to discuss trends or statistics with third-parties.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small bits of information sent by our servers to your computer or device when you access our services, and unique to you. They are stored in your browser and later sent back to our servers so that we can provide contextual content. We use them to remember your session (so you don't have to login again) and your shopping cart.
They are also used to help us understand your preferences based on previous or current site activity, your language and country, which enables us to provide you with improved services. We also use cookies to help us compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future.

We also use third-party services such as Google Analytics, who may set and use their own cookies to identify visitors and provide their own contextual services. 

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies, or look at the links below.
We do not currently support Do Not Track signals, as there is no industry standard for compliance.

Policy Updates

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in order to clarify it, or to comply with legal obligations. The "Last Updated" mention at the top of the policy indicates the last revision, which is also the effective date of those changes. If you continue to use our services after such a change, you agree to our updated policy. 

Contacting Us

If you have are any question regarding this Privacy Policy, or any enquiry about your personal data, please reach out to Babycare Customer Support or contact us at:

Babycare.nl - Contact for privacy related issues: Erwin de Raad Kerkstraat 1 9641 AL Veendam the Netherlands