Doodoo Hund Ecru

Doodoo calms your crying baby with womb sounds.

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During the first months of his life, sleep is the most important activity of your baby. This is essential because the brain continues its development well after the birth and mostly during sleeping periods.

Providing ideal conditions for your baby’s sleep is therefore of paramount importance for his future. But allowing parents to enjoy good and restful nights is also indispensable to enable them to be available and capable to effectively respond to their child’s needs when he requires it.

Doodoo perfectly meets both of these essential needs.  Doodoo is a high quality plush dog made of anti-allergenic material and an audio player reproducing the exact sounds the baby heard while he was inside his mummy’s tummy. These sounds have a soothing effect and help your baby fall asleep.

A lot of attention went into the making of the Doodoo plush dog.

  • It is washable at 30° C. because little accidents do happen.
  • It can also go in the dryer to avoid depriving baby of his favourite plush animal.
  • The eyes and nose are embroidered because plastic eyes and nose can break and present a hazard.
  • The Velcro’s® are soft to avoid scratching baby’s delicate skin.
  • The plush animal meets all applicable safety standards and goes even beyond; it already meets the future more stringent norms.
The audio unit is the result of many years of experience with maternal sounds and therefore provide the very best quality.

  • Very effective maternal sounds.
  • An exceptional level of reliability to prevent failures that would deprive baby of his Doodoo.
  • A handle to attach the audio unit to the crib rail. This is particularly useful in the case of allergic babies.
  • The audio unit is powered by standard and therefore inexpensive batteries.
  • The audio unit complies to all applicable safety standards.
  • The audio unit is warranted against defects for a period of 2 years.
Good for parents too!

Finally, Doodoo helps parents enjoy restful nights thanks to a microphone that detects when baby starts crying again. This additional function is particularly appreciated by parents who do not have to get up every time their baby cries because Doodoo softly soothes baby back to sleep in a natural way.

Used in hundreds of maternity hospitals, Doodoo soothes newborns to sleep in a couple of minutes.
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Marke Doodoo

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